International Estate Planning

For families dealing with cross-border issues, comprehensive estate planning is essential to ensure that all components of an estate plan fit together and there are no unintended consequences in various jurisdictions.

Our lawyers work with clients who own assets abroad to coordinate the optimal estate plan that will achieve the clients’ goals in light of the issues presented by multiple jurisdictions and taxation systems.

We advise clients as to the U.S. tax impacts of their decision-making and offer solutions to minimize estate, inheritance, and income tax in the United States with regard to assets here and abroad.

We partner with advisers in other jurisdictions to ensure that our clients’ plans will operate as desired and to minimize the tax impact of death on the estate and beneficiaries.

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In addition to advising U.S. persons and families with international issues, we

  • work with nonresident aliens who own property in the U.S. to minimize U.S. estate and income tax
  • offer cross-border income tax planning for foreign trusts and foreign investments
  • interpret complex tax treaties
  • offer advice on expatriation
  • assist with the U.S. tax reporting of gifts from foreigners and interests in foreign businesses and bank accounts

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