Is the IRS’ Offer in Compromise Program User-Friendly?

Our tax law website contains a wealth of materials that can help shed light on the myriad administrative processes of the Internal Revenue Service, not to mention the often confusing application of federal tax laws. For example, we offer an article on the IRS’ Offer In Compromise program, sometimes referred to as part of the IRS’ “Fresh Start” initiative.

However, such programs are no guarantee against the possibility of a tax controversy or dispute. Take the example of actor Wesley Snipes. Several years ago the actor found himself in court, defending against multiple felony tax evasion charges. Although those charges ultimately resulted in only misdemeanor convictions, the sentence still included time in prison.

Given that history, it may be easy to understand why Snipes would take an aggressive stance with the IRS in future interactions. Specifically, the actor recently filed a lawsuit against the IRS. This time around, Snipes is in the accuser’s role, and the dispute involves civil tax issues instead of criminal. Notably, one of Snipe’s allegations is that the IRS’ marketing of a “Fresh Start” is a false promise.

Our law firm has helped many clients in disputes with the IRS. We are not afraid of preparing to go up against the IRS in court. However, there are also administrative avenues that may avoid a court battle, such as the Offer in Compromise program. For individuals with unpaid tax debts but an inability to pay the full debt, the program may offer a means to help satisfy their liability for less than the full amount.

Source: Forbes, “Wesley Snipes Sues IRS Over Abusive $17.5M Tax Bill, False Promise Of ‘Fresh Start’,” Robert W. Wood, Nov. 30, 2015

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