Woman Fails to Pay Income Tax on $500,000

A 42-year-old Connecticut woman pleaded guilty to tax evasion this week. Over the past six years, she had failed to pay income tax on more than half a million dollars.

No, she did not forget to file her taxes, nor did she make a simple mathematical error on her federal tax returns. According to the news story in the Hartford Courant, the woman knowingly filled out her W-4 with completely false information. Among other things, she claimed to have nearly 100 exemptions. With so many exemptions, the federal government withheld no taxes from her paychecks.

As the years went by, however, the IRS began to wonder. Suspicions turned to certainty when an audit revealed that the woman had in fact earned more than $500,000 working as a nurse and mental health assistant during that time. Her deception cheated the U.S. government out of more than $73,000 in taxes.

Tax evasion, of course, is not limited to any one state or income level. People across the country, from all backgrounds and in all economic situations, are guilty of this offense every year. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s simply a misunderstanding and no crime actually occurred at all.

If you find yourself accused of federal tax evasion or any other type of tax fraud, take prompt action to protect yourself and your rights. One of the best ways to do this is to consult an attorney skilled in this particular area of law. He or she can explain your options and work to safeguard your interests.

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