Fraud and Tax Evasion: 2 Key Points During Investigation

Having to deal with the Internal Revenue Service on your own is probably something that you really don’t relish. When you are dealing with the IRS because of a criminal investigation, the horror of dealing with the government tax agency alone is amplified. It is at that point that keeping your interests secured and knowing that you have someone working with you who understands the incredibly complex tax laws might help you to put your mind at ease. We want to remind readers in the Washington DC area about two basic points about the IRS investigation system that are vitally important for anyone facing investigation.

One of the most important things that you should know is that you aren’t protected by accountant-client privilege when you are the subject of a criminal investigation, such as one looking into fraud or tax evasion. This means that if you knew anything about discrepancies in your tax returns, that you should stop talking to your accountant and seek experienced legal help because your accountant can’t claim that privilege as a method of keeping quiet.

We understand how frustrating and frightening that can be when you are in the midst of a fight with the IRS. At that point, you should know that even in criminal investigations, attorneys can claim attorney-client privilege, so you can work openly with your attorney to work toward a positive outcome.

Another important point of dealing with IRS investigations is that early intervention is often the best intervention. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should jump right in and start trying to make deals with the agents. Instead, you should seek help from someone who can’t be shaken by the scare tactics that are sometimes used in these cases. Learn more about tax controversies on our webpage.

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