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February 2016 Archives

Does an IRS tax dispute always require a Tax Court appearance?

A tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service does not necessarily implicate a future appearance in U.S. Tax Court. In fact, even the IRS’s website claims that over 100,000 taxpayers are able to resolve their tax controversies outside of that forum, using an administrative route called the Office of Appeals. 

Will an administrative hearing halt IRS collection efforts?

In our last post, we discussed the procedural requirements that the Internal Revenue Service follows before filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. Although a federal tax lien against one’s property may seem like a drastic action, it is important to understand that there are other, sometimes more immediate actions the IRS may employ in its collection efforts. 

When might the IRS file a tax lien against your property?

If penalties and interest weren’t enough to intimidate taxpayers who are accused of unpaid taxes, the IRS also can file a federal tax lien against one’s property. Since a tax lien can affect an individual’s credit score, it is important to understand how this collection tactic may arise. As a law firm that focuses on federal and state tax controversies, we also hope this knowledge will encourage individuals to consult with an attorney early in the process, before a lien has been filed. 

Is the IRS' Offer in Compromise program user-friendly?

Our tax law website contains a wealth of materials that can help shed light on the myriad administrative processes of the Internal Revenue Service, not to mention the often confusing application of federal tax laws. For example, we offer an article on the IRS’ Offer In Compromise program, sometimes referred to as part of the IRS’ “Fresh Start” initiative.

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