Kenneth M. Woolf

Mr. Woolf, an Enrolled Agent licensed by the Department of the Treasury, represents a wide range of individual and corporate taxpayers in various federal tax controversies. As a former IRS Revenue Officer, he has extensive experience in resolving civil tax collection matters. For the past five years, he has worked diligently in the private sector assisting taxpayers in resolving their tax liabilities with the IRS.

Prior to joining private practice, Mr. Woolf was an Internal Revenue Service employee for 18 years. He served in the areas of Automated Collections (ACS), customer service, walk in services and as a revenue officer for over seven years. As a revenue officer, Mr. Woolf regularly investigated and collected delinquent federal taxes according to prescribed federal laws and regulations. He worked with taxpayers to determine the amount of delinquent taxes and enforced IRS collection actions. In addition, he worked diligently to examine and analyze tax assets and liabilities to determine a solution to resolve the tax issues. As a result, Mr. Woolf has gained an immense range of knowledge regarding IRS collection procedures, investigative techniques and IRS rules and regulations.

Over the past 40 years, Mr. Woolf has worked in the credit and collection business. Specifically, he has worked as a credit manager for multiple 100 million dollar companies such as Atlantic Mobile Corporation and Bally Southwest Distributing. As a result, he has gained additional experience in handling private collections.

Mr. Woolf joined Frost & Associates in February, 2013. He currently lives in Leigh Acres, Florida with his wife.

Past Employment Positions

  • Internal Revenue Service (18 years of service)
    • Tax Examiner - Automated Collection Department
    • Customer Representative - Customer Service Department
    • Taxpayer Assistance Officer - Baltimore, MD
    • Taxpayer Assistance Officer- West Palm Beach, FL
    • Revenue Officer- Wheaton, MD


  • Internal Revenue Service Enrolled Agent